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6+ days

Alto de Letras in Colombia, a staple in many our tours.

Escarabajos short

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable Colombian cycling adventure, condensed for those with limited time. Conquer colossal climbs and experience the thrill of reaching new heights. Marvel at breathtaking vistas and push your limits amidst awe-inspiring landscapes. This condensed journey promises big rewards in a shorter timeframe. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating ride through Colombia’s cycling paradise.

La Heróica

LA HEROÍCA Cycle Colombia at full length Book This Tour Book Tour 14 Days Bogotá Diverse Climate High Altitude Advanced COLOMBIA IN ALL ITS GLORY La Heroíca is the quintessential Colombian cycling experience. This tour starts in the verdant green … Read More

Alto de Letras bike tour Colombia

Café de Colombia

CAFE DE COLOMBIA Book This Tour The green beating heart of Colombia Nestled amidst the majestic Cordillera of the Andes, Colombia’s coffee plantations thrive as the vibrant core of the nation. Adorned with picturesque towns boasting colorful facades, nestled within … Read More

Enduro tour Colombia

ENDURO COLOMBIA Descent the ancient trails of the Andes mountains Book This Tour Book Tour 9 Days Pereira Mild temperature High Altitude Intermediate ENDURO TOUR This enduro mountain bike tour explores the hidden trails that lie in the heart of … Read More

Multi Sports Adventure

MULTI SPORTS ADVENTURE Adventurous Colombia Book This Tour Book Tour 12 Days Bucaramanga Diverse Climate High Altitude Advanced TRIP DETAILS Colombia is an adventure. An adventure that deserves to be seized to the fullest with as many activities as we … Read More

Gran Fondo Training Camp

GRAN FONDO TRAINING CAMP Prepare like a Pro Book This Tour Book Tour Custom Colombia Diverse Climate High Altitude Any Level EAT. SLEEP. RIDE. REPEAT Are you an avid Gran Fondo racer and looking to expand your horizons? Colombia has … Read More

Custom cycling tour

CUSTOM CYCLING TOUR Design your perfect cycling holiday Book This Tour Book Tour Custom Colombia Diverse Climate High Altitude Beginner/Advanced DESIGN YOUR OWN PERFECT CYCLING HOLIDAY Cyclotá can tailor-make your cycling holiday exactly how you want it. Whether it is … Read More

A climb in Colombia in Cyclota road bike tour

Colombian Escarabajos

We created the ultimate Colombian cycling adventure. Experience Colombia’s best cycling destination, from vibrant cities to breathtaking climbs. Explore rural beauty and embrace the soul of this country. Over 7 stages, mountains become a part of you, and you take a piece of them home. Infinite views and unforgettable moments await. Discover hidden gems along the way. Join us for the time of your life.