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Escarabajos short

  • Escarabajos Corto

    Short in Time, Big in punch. Summit some of the biggest climbs in Colombia

Defy Limits, Reach New Heights

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable Colombian cycling adventure, condensed for those with limited time. Conquer colossal climbs and experience the thrill of reaching new heights. Marvel at breathtaking vistas and push your limits amidst awe-inspiring landscapes. This condensed journey promises big rewards in a shorter timeframe. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating ride through Colombia’s cycling paradise.

Discover the thrill of scaling Colombia’s towering peaks on a condensed cycling adventure that packs a powerful punch. In just a few stages, you’ll tackle some of the country’s most formidable climbs, leaving you with an adrenaline-fueled sense of achievement.

From the legendary Alto de Letras to other awe-inspiring ascents, this tour is tailored for those seeking a thrilling challenge without compromising their time constraints. Each climb presents a monumental test of strength and determination, pushing you to reach new heights and conquer personal boundaries.

As you pedal towards the summits, be prepared for an awe-inspiring experience that will leave you breathless. Colombia’s stunning vistas unfold before your eyes, rewarding your efforts with breathtaking panoramas at every turn. The sheer magnitude of the landscapes will leave an indelible mark on your memory.

Although the tour may be shorter, the impact is anything but. Embrace the exhilaration of conquering colossal climbs in Colombia, and relish the satisfaction that comes with pushing your limits. This condensed journey promises an unforgettable taste of the country’s cycling paradise, showcasing its unrivaled beauty and exhilarating challenges.

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Basic Facts


28jan3:00 pmGravel Tour

“Cyclotá knows how to show you the best of Colombia by bike, that can offer a lot of reasons to want to go.”
Road Bike Action

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival Bogotá

We will pick you up at the Bogotá Airport and transfer to the outskirts of the city where the next day our tour will begin.

Day 2: Bogotá - Zipacón

Our first day is a great warm up for the upcoming days. The day’s ride is a good introduction to the changing landscapes including a couple of punchy climbs and enjoyable rolling landscape. Distance: 100 kilometres Altitude gain: 1500 metres

Distance: 90 km Altitude gain: 800mts

Day 3:Cachipay Mariquita

Building on the expectation of the days to come, today’s stage will warm up our climbing legs. During the ride you will crown two climbs before being rewarded with great views on a long and sweeping descent. Distance: 120 kilometres Altitude gain: 2500 metres

After a coffee break we will start our descent, and it’s fantastic. Long enough to gain some speed and plenty of small small turns to keep it quite interesting. Undoubtedly you will stop along the way because the views are just amazing. Our reward at the end of the day is relaxing at the swimming pool in an old hacienda and coffee plantation that has been transformed into a hotel. Distance: 70km Altitude gain: 2200mts

Day 4: Mariquita - Manizales

Today’s ride is an unforgettable experience. The 82 kilometre climb is a test of patience and perseverance. Starting at 700 meters above sea level you will ride to 3800 meters while passing through several climatic zones. Distance: 105 kilometres Altitude gain: 3900 metres

Distance: 45km Altitude gain: 1300mts

Day 5: Chinchiná - Pereira

Chinchiná is a quintessential Colombian coffee town. Wherever you look you will see hills covered with these precious beans. We will start the day on a lightly traveled road while we gently ride up what feels like a hidden canyon. Our goal is the town of Marsella which sits on the top of this climb. The ride into the town of Pereira is one of the most thrilling descents in all of our tours. Our destination is an incredible farm house which has fantastic cuisine. Distance: 60km Altitude gain: 1600mts

Day 6: Farewell

Time to say goodbye. The guides will transfer you from the hotel to the airport so you can catch your flight back home.

What other customers have to say!

"The views were amazing travelling through the Zona Cafetera. The climbs were challenging and the descents thrilling. Organizing a trip like this in Colombia is challenging logistically to say the least and Cyclota did a great job. We were provided with good quality hire bikes.”
Phil Bitis
United Kingdom
Amazing scenery

This tour is incredibly photogenic. At every turn in the road you will see yet another amazing view of coffee fields, beautiful mountains and brightly painted farmhouse known as haciendas.

Professional Guides

Our tours know this tour inside and out. We have carefully selected the best routes to make each day some of the most memorable riding you will ever have.

Delicious food

We have carefully selected the restaurants on this tour to take full advantage of the region's unique culinary tradition. Imagine fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy meat options and of course, world class coffee.

Great riding

The riding in this area is unique in that the roads are super windy. This means traffic always moves at a slower pace and that every descent is super fun.

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