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Savanna day tour

SAVANNA DAY TOUR Get away from the big city into the peaceful countryside Book This Tour Far from the Bustle. Prepare for an extraordinary road bike tour adventure as we unveil the hidden treasures of Bogota’s captivating countryside on our … Read More

A climb in Colombia in Cyclota road bike tour

Colombian Escarabajos

We created the ultimate Colombian cycling adventure. Experience Colombia’s best cycling destination, from vibrant cities to breathtaking climbs. Explore rural beauty and embrace the soul of this country. Over 7 stages, mountains become a part of you, and you take a piece of them home. Infinite views and unforgettable moments await. Discover hidden gems along the way. Join us for the time of your life.

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Los Libertadores

Embark on an exhilarating road bike tour through Boyacá, Colombia, where echoes of the past blend with the adrenaline-fueled present. Ride through spectacular mountains, immerse yourself in colonial charm, and bask in stunning vistas. Unleash your inner Libertador and forge unforgettable memories in this extraordinary cycling adventure.