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Join the local Sunday weekly challenge! Every Sunday thousands of Bogotanos take up the closed streets for cars to enjoy leisure activities on the Ciclovía. But some people go a little bit further. Bogotá is sided by a gigantic block of mountains, with very few roads to cross over. One of them is the road that connects the city with the town of La Calera.

Incidentally, this road, although doesn’t belong officialy to the Ciclovía, is used by many as a way to test themselves on daily basis. But Sundays are specials. Not only “serious” cyclist take up the road as their training road, but all sorts of people give it a go, and even some test their weekly fitness by going to the next town la Calera. It’s a must see festival about the love relationship of Colombians with the bicycle.

Starting from our place, we will fit you to your beautiful Argon 18 carbon bicycle, and start riding in the Ciclovía. Beware: the endless procession of all kinds of road users makes this for a thrilling ride to the foot of the climb, with more obstacles than anticipated. The total length of Patios climb is 6,5 kms long, and on a regular Sunday is stream of cyclist going uphill that sometimes takes the form of 5 riders riding abreast overtaking each other.

The road is transited by all kind of cyclist and bicycle, that come in different shapes an qualities: from the über fast fully lycraed road cyclist, to bicycles in very questionable state with extremely picturesque characters as their riders. It’s all part of the festival that the climb becomes. As a client once said: “the biggest non sanctioned bike event in the world.” And we would have to agree; up to more than 15.000 people tackle the climb on any given Sunday morning.

Upon reaching the summit, and catching our breath, we will descend into the town of la Calera. Along the road we will appreciate the beautiful view of the embalse San Rafael, the little bbq restaurants spread all over the road, and take a glance at the endless savanna spreading in the horizon.

Once we reach la Calera, we will use the opportunity to repack energy with some very local and tasty arepas that will power us through the way back: almost 10 kms of climbing back again into Patios. Bear in mind that there are some ongoing road works that will require our fullest attention either on the way down or up, not to mention perhaps the road being closed briefly to work on it.
After reaching the Patio’s summit for the second time, we will regroup and quench our thirst with some freshly squeezed orange juice. The way down is always a thrilling ride that will take us back into Ciclovía and then back into your hotel, to enjoy a well deserved rest for the afternoon (or a huge lunch) whatever comes first.

Certified First Aid Guide.
Argon 18 Carbon Bicycle rental with Shimano 105.
Refreshment during the ride.

Doesn’t include
Support vehicle
Alcoholic brewages

Minimum number of customers: 2
Price: USD 85 per person
Estimated duration: 2/3 hours

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