This is a big one!  Road bike action Magazine featured us in the July 2017 issue.

This is great because it is an opportunity to let cyclist, specially in the US and Canada, know about how good riding in Colombia is. The name of the article couldn’t be more telling “So this is how they do it”. It goes at length about how awesome is riding in Colombia covering all the details, the ups and downs (quite literally), of riding in here in a sensible way.

Perhaps what I like the most is the following phrase: “Cyclotá knows how to show you the best of Colombia by bike that can offer a lot of reasons to want to go”. Is nice to see that our goal to offer great experiences to ride in Colombia gets noticed.

There’s alos something else I really liked about this process. The guys at Road bike Action never wanted a staged thing, and I think it shows. We treated Spencer, the writer, as any other guest. We didn’t sugarcoat the experience for him  to make us look good in the magazine. Therefore the result is honest outlook on what it’s like riding in Colombia, and what it’s like riding with Cyclotá.

We won’t stop there. Trust me. We are constantly tweaking every aspect that goes into our service to give you the best experience. We do it because we feel that our guests deserve it and makes us really happy all those improvements we have done over the years.



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