Is Colombia safe to visit and travel? We get asked that question, a lot! So we thought that we could take you around the plus and minus safety wise for Colombia

So, is Colombia safe for traveling? That would be a resounding YES. We should know, we move around Colombia by bike we get to see many places not even many colombians get to see, and we have never experienced or witnessed any violence or any reason to worry about.

The way colombians are is warm and welcoming, as you might have already read in about the 200 other blogs you have read before you came here, and will in may occasions go well beyond any expectation to help you.

What you should take care about then? Well don’t assume that you wont find a few rotten apples, or people who might take advantage you by being friendly and welcoming at first and then stabbing you in the back.

Is cycling in Colombia safe? YES by all means. We love cycling in Colombia, we feel safe while doing it, and when we don’t have customers we even go by ourselves far from Bogotá. Cyclist is the friendliest breed of colombian or human been, or so we do think, so it’s ok to do it, just please be cautious and before you hand your precious bike to your superfriendlynewfriend whom you met on the road 10 minutes ago and has been talking to you about Nairo and how he was meant to be the next great colombian cyclist, or how he could take you for a ride. Just talk to him, enjoy his company, but NEVER give your bike for a trial ride.

Mountain biking is still very safe BUT go with somebody who knows their way, small thieves are usually something to suspect and weekends are their favorite time to strike.

So as you can see, our take on Colombia’s safety is generally very positive, but keep your eyes open, and just be aware of thieves, those should be your biggest concern when you come over. Other than that we can say without a doubt that COLOMBIA IS SAFE TO TRAVEL.

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