So you are planning a cycling trip to Colombia here are some of our suggestions .


We can’t stress this enough, but Colombia is known for its mountains and even a fairly easy ride will eventually kick up a few kilometers or will be done at what you could say is high altitude. The best way around it is use your upcoming trip as a great excuse to dust off your bike or start going to the gym for spinning class.


The second best thing you can do is rest assured that Colombia is a safe place to ride your bicycle. So avoiding watching Narcos could be a great thing to do. The country you will find will surprise you guaranteed.


Have you seen those guys doing great at Grand Tours in Europe? Well, they’ve trained on the same roads you will most likely will be riding if you are on a road cycling trip.  We don’t have absolutely traffic free roads, except for Sundays in major cities as Bogotá or Medellín,  but at least here at Cyclotá I think we have done a great job at finding roads with little traffic.

Cycling is a national sport and drivers are very friendly with cyclist. Locals might actually encourage you calling you Nairo or Rigo from their vehicles.

Road Conditions

Surface will vary greatly even during a single ride. You can go from smooth to rough to smooth in a space shorter than this sentence. So be ready and our recommendation is to have a flexible attitude toward it.


This is the tropic and some nasty mosquitos are in some areas. So the best advice is to usually have your bug spray handy. Medical facilities are available around the country but their capacity to deal with major issues varies according to the region. Main cities have great hospitals, while in rural distant areas this services aren’t as good. Ride always safely.


We geek out about every single detail about cycling, and we love it. Having said this our suggestion however is to bring your training equipment and not precisely that new carbon wheelset with a super high profile. Carbon frames instead are usually a great choice or you can rent one of our bicycles.

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