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Bogota Sunny Sunday:

Bogota Sunny Sunday

Some take it to the Ciclovia, we take you to the mountains

Challenge the locals goats!

Weekdays also available

Every Sunday thousands of Bogotanos take up the closed streets for cars to enjoy cycling and other leisure activities in the Bogota Ciclovia on what’s mostly flat roads. Fortunately for more serious cyclist, Bogotá is flanked to the east by the mountains, and, mind you, they aren’t small! 

On those mountains lays the interesting climb of Alto de Patios that present a challenge for the local cyclist to conquer. The road connects Bogotá with the town of La Calera, although doesn’t belong officially to the Ciclovía, is used by many as a way to test themselves. Sundays are special though. Not only “serious” cyclist take up the road as their training road, but all sorts of people give it a go.  It’s a must see festival about  the love relationship of Colombians with the bicycle.

As a client once about this ride said: “the biggest non sanctioned bike event in the world” More than 15.000 people tackle the climb on any given Sunday morning. Join the locals on their weekly challenge!

Starting from our place, we will fit you to your beautiful Argon 18  carbon bicycle, and start riding in the Ciclovía. Beware: the endless procession of all kinds of road users makes this for a thrilling ride to the foot of the climb, with more obstacles than anticipated.

The total length of Patios climb is 6,5 kms long, and on a regular Sunday is stream of cyclist going uphill that sometimes takes the form of 5 riders riding abreast overtaking each other. The road is transited by all kind of cyclists and bicycles, that come in different shapes an qualities: from the über fast fully lycred road cyclist, to bicycles in very questionable state with extremely picturesque characters as their riders. It’s all part of the festival that the climb becomes.

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Basic Facts

Flexible schedule!

Contact us with your preferred dates as we run this tour at any time. Subject to availability. 

Amazing scenery

From the big city to the small towns, and high up in the mountains. This trip will include many great views

Professional Guides

Our expert staff will make the experience more compelling, taking care of all your needs, and going out of their way to make sure that you have a great time on and off the bike, catering to all your needs.

Delicious snacks

Enjoy the most delicious local snacks and fresh fruits during our stops along the route

Great riding

Super fun riding on the closed Ciclovia roads, and challenging climbing on the famous Patios climb

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