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Descending the Andes


The road less traveled

1 Day Bogotá Mild climate Hilly Amateur


This mountain bike day tour is an excellent opportunity to explore the Andes mountains in the outskirts of the capital city of Bogotá. The ride will appeal to any level of rider as we explore the mountains on single and double track. You will be guaranteed great views and will visit a tranquil lagoon that was has been sacred resting spot for the local Indigenous for millennial. This tour is perfectly geared for anyone who wants to explore a little bit more about Colombian natural and cultural history but are short on time. Over the course of this adventure packed day you will experience the less traveled areas just outside the city. Join us!

What’s included
    • Detailed trip information
    • Professionally trained guides
    • Bike with front suspension and helmet
    • Shuttle from and to your hotel
What’s not included
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Personal items purchased during the trip
    • Optional activities not scheduled
    • Gratuities for your guides may be given at your discretion in response to their professionalism and leadership. Industry standard is for each individual guest to tip the guide team 5-10% of the trip price.
Amazing scenery

On this trip you will quickly leave the city and enjoy the quiet mountain tracks.

Professional Guides

Our expert staff will take care of all your needs to make sure that you have a great time on and off the bike. All your needs will be catered to.

Delicious food

Enjoy the most delicious local dishes and fresh fruits in restaurants not even known by most of the locals

Great riding

Super fun riding on unpaved sections up onto challenging mountains surrounding Bogotá.

Does this look like fun? Request your date today!
“We highly recommend riding with Cyclota in Colombia. Your riding and fitness skills will grow in a supportive environment surrounded by fellow adventure seekers. For many avid cyclists, spending time tracing the famous routes of Europe is a pinnacle experience. For others, exploring less known, but as equally satisfying cycling areas of the world is more appealing. If you are one of those types of adventurers, ride your bike in Colombia. You won’t be disappointed.”
Matt Strand

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