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Weekend adventure

Capture Colombia in a Nutshell

How can one capture Colombia’s diverse wonders in a concise and captivating manner? This itinerary does it: spectacular landscapes, exquisite coffee, and exhilarating riding.

Descending from the heights of the savanna, we dive into the lush countryside the country’s soul reveals. Witness the dedication to a perfectly brewed coffee in our jewel of a hotel. To close in a high note, a we’ll do the quintessential Colombian climb: long steady, with expansive vistas take us to the natural wonder of Salto de Tequendama.  

While the number of stages may be modest, this meticulously curated tour offers a glimpse into Colombia’s soul. You’ll extract the country’s finest elements, an opportunity to immerse its breathtaking landscapes, indulge in its world-renowned coffee, and surrender to the sheer joy of cycling.

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Basic Facts

Flexible schedule!

Contact us with your preferred dates as we run this tour at any time. Subject to availability. 

  • Single accommodation
  • All meals during the trip
  • Trained guides with all the local knowledge
  • Fully Loaded support vehicle
  • Shuttle from the airport
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal items purchased during the trip
  •  Optional activities not scheduled
  • Lunch, Hydration and snacks
  • Gratuities are optional for your guiding team but we suggest a 10%

Trip Itinerary

We will pick you up at your location and transfer north from Bogotá were our adventure will begin with a bountiful dinner so we can all get to start to know each other. Also we will use this time to set up your bicycle, and get ready for the adventure .
Day 1: Into the valley
We will begin our journey high in the Savanna where Bogotá lies. Early morning, we will pick you up at your hotel and transfer just outside the city searching for quiet roads that will make up for a great first ride. After a short warm up, we will face a first challenge of 4,5 kms climbing. A local climb, with frequent visitors, is the perfect way to break the ice of this trip and get the first glimpse of riding in the altitude. After a rolling section we will have a second and final climb for the day, just to finish with a long, twisty descent. A final sting in the tail, will take us to our beautiful hotel regarded by most of our customers as one of the highlight of their trip, that also happens to be home of one of the best coffee growers in Colombia. Distance: 85 kms Altitude gain: 1100 mts
Day 2: The big day
The stage is nothing short of a spectacular ride. After leaving our hotel, we will rejoin the bigger road we parted ways with yesterday, and keep descending before we tackle the first climb of the day. An easy climb will be a welcomed way to wake up our muscles. Following a smooth descent in a small road we will have our first real challenge of the day: 3 kms before arriving to our coffee stop. After, we will surmount the Cordillera on a twisty road for 35 kms, covered in the traces of the lush vegetation of the rain forest, with great views of Andes mountains further away. As we reach the top a surprise will be waiting for us: a lovely view of the Salto del Tequendama, the waterfall formed by the Bogotá’s river. Further down the road we will still have some minor challenges to finish our ride, where we can pack and transfer back to Bogotá. Distance: 92 kms Altitude gain: 2500 mts
"We both really enjoyed our trip with Cyclotá and felt that the whole experience gave us a very positive view of Colombia. We were impressed by its scenery and amazing cycling culture. We loved meeting the locals and especially those that shared the same interest in cycling. Thank you for this"
Nick & Louise
Amazing scenery

In only 2 days you will experience all the variety that Colombia has to offer from tropical valleys to the unique high altitude Andean Plateau. Combined with the small colonial towns, this tour will make you reach for your camera more than once.

Weekend Getway

This short tour is an ideal weekend getaway packed with great cycling. Climb more than 3000 meters in just two days.

Excellent cuisine

Experience the delicious Andes cuisine in one of the best hotels of Colombia. This hotel also happens to be the producer of award winning coffe.

Experienced Guides

Our seasoned guides know how to make your short stay with us simply the best. They are familiar with all the best local restaurants and where to find the quietest back roads to make your riding experience unforgettable.

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