many thanks for a terrific trip. i thoroughly enjoyed it…your organisation was excellent and together with Sander you made a great guiding duo!!
I am sure I will be back…I would rather do it with a group..hopefully one I have out together…!

Paul Fletcher

The views were amazing, particularly travelling through the Zona Cafetera. The climbs were challenging and the descents thrilling. Some of the journey wasn’t for the feint hearted (thinking of some descent sections where the roads were a bit patchy and the traffic in Medellin) but these were only a small fraction of the route. The trip has been finessed a bit since the first run and was definitely an improvement. If I’m honest this trip was a little above our level, though we managed to finish most stages. Organizing a trip like this in Colombia is challenging logistically to say the least and David and his local helpers did a great job. We were provided with good quality hire bikes.

Phil Bitis

Its obvious that a lot of work has gone into this tour – a great route showing a variety of landscapes from the mountains to the coastal plain and plenty challenging for most. Colombia’s an excellent place for a holiday.

Jean-Pierre Charon

Could not have imagined how much value Tomas added to the trip. It was so very appreciated how he wanted to share aspects of his country with us and was open to answer questions about a wide scope of topics and gave knowledgeable opinions in addition to sharing the facts. It was great to learn the perspective of a colombian in addition to just the stories about what the reality is.

Joshua Krabbe