A few words from our customers

“Many thanks for a terrific trip, I thoroughly enjoyed the Libertadores trip in Boyacá. Your organisation was excellent and together with Sander you made a great guiding duo! I am sure I will be back.”
Paul Fletcher
United Kingdom
“Cyclotá knows how to show you the best of Colombia by bike, that can offer a lot of reasons to want to go.”
Road Bike Action
“The views were amazing, particularly travelling through the Zona Cafetera. The climbs were challenging and the descents thrilling. Organizing a trip like this in Colombia is challenging logistically to say the least and David and his local helpers did a great job. We were provided with good quality hire bikes.”
Phil Bitis
United Kingdom
“Great experience and a lot of fun! Superb logistics and organisation of Cyclota. The beauty of Colombia and friendliness of the people were key take aways and the cycling was merely the vehicle and only a small part of the wonderful experience.”
Nick Stephenson
South Africa
“Colombia is a wonderful country, cycling is a national sport, scenery is stunning and La Heroica is the best way to explore it. From a jungle to high peaks of The Andes, ever changing landscape, endless opportunities to photograph. And the very best guides make it an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.”
Tómâs Budesinsky
Czech Republic
“Nearly all my cycling has been in Europe, so this was a bit of an adventure for me. I was not disappointed. The trip combined great cycling with the chance to see some of the variety of landscapes, towns and cities that Colombia has to offer. So many memories – the sights, sounds and smells passing through villages, the mini-city-break in Medellin and riding out on closed roads, leaving Tolu on the final day in early morning light, the views, the colours, the friendliness of the people, of course the sense of achievement (or relief!) at the top of Alto de Letras. And much, much more.”
United Kingdom
“Absolute brilliant. I am hoping to book again for next year and that probably says it all! I have been on cycling holidays for over 35 years and this really is one of the best.”
United Kingdom
“Unbelievably gorgeous scenery, tough but doable climbs, stunning descents. The roads were, for the most part in great shape and the riding was really great. Tomás was a terrific guide who shared a little of Colombian life with us.”
United States
“You guys are awesome, and what you're doing is awesome. From the kickass guidebooks and the constant support to the prep getting the bikes ready, you make riding here an amazing experience”
United States
“Thank you for a great and challenging Colombia experience! You pushed me more than what I would ever do by myself. You truly went above and beyond to make this a week where we just got to ride, eat, sleep and have a blast.”
United States

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